RedStax Project

Is a research-project aiming at making big amounts of textual web-data usable in a convenient way for Knowledge-Management (KM). The frontend of the site is a qualitative website k(...)

Simplexity CMS

The Simplexity-CMS (or short form smplx tech) evolved from the idea to simplify the often too complex process of building and maintaining websites of average size (aprox. 5-100 con(...)

KIA - Wow the woman

For H2O Media I joined the 'Wow the woman'-project to develop screen designs and design assets for the facebook game. The main focus was on designing all the elements for the game (...)

Siemens Healthcare video-players

For Spirit Link Medical I did the coding and UI work for a few custom ActionScript 3 videoplayer with interactive chapter buttons and the usual player components.

adidas globe XMLedit

Whilst working at Neue Digitale / Razorfish I developed this AS3/AIR desktop application for the 'adidas originals' main site. The quick & easy solution helped to comfortably e(...)

onetee shirt-designer

The onetee shirt-designer started off as an interactive installation in 2007. In spring '07 we successfully presented the fully functional installation at the TV TecStyle Visions i(...)

Haufe - Lexware Icons

During my time at h2omedia I developed the major part of the key icon set for Lexware Financial Office software.

Tollwood Installation 3D-PreViz

For the lighttree project of Erlebnismacherei (made for the winter tollwood 2010) I was working on the 3D previsualization of the lighttree to be built. My main job besides setti(...)